beach unit-Marseille-1
beach unit-Marseille-2
beach unit-Marseille-3
beach unit-Marseille-4
beach unit-Marseille-5
beach unit-Marseille-6
beach unit-Marseille-7
beach unit-Marseille-8
beach unit-Marseille-9

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beach unit-Marseille
offices / mixed use-Dortmund
Hangar 26-27 - Poulissen & Partners Architects
house on Borneo Sporenburg - Ruimtelab
house on Java-eiland - Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer
offices-The Hague
house on Java-eiland-Amsterdam
De Kaai - Neutelings Riedijk
house on Borneo Sporenburg-Amsterdam
Centro Nautico / boathouse-Lisbon
small object-Copenhagen
offices at Bermondsey Square-London

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