related buildings

Telekom Hochhaus / Deutsche Telekom-Cologne
DOCK - Düsseldorf Office Center Kaistrasse - Jio Coenen
Het Strijkijzer - AAArchitecten
Golden Tulip hotel-Rotterdam
office building - Rafael de la Hoz
office building-Paris
Spanish National Statistics Institute - César Ruíz-Larrea (renovation architect), Pepe Cruz Novillo (facade artist)
Graf Adolf Platz 15-Düsseldorf
Swisscom office tower - Rolf Lauppi and Hans Zimmerman
Lake Towers Offices - Sua Kay Architects
Central Plaza office tower-Brussels
Hotel du Departement - W. Alsop, J. Stormer
RVR building-Düsseldorf
Ellipse Building - Montois Partners - Art & Build

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